Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo? (Who Was?)

by James Buckley (Author) Gregory Copeland (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 4th − 5th Grade
Series: Who Was?

Discover how a young boy born in Portugal with a passion for soccer worked hard to become one of the most famous athletes of all time in this exciting addition to the Who HQ Now series that features newsmakers and trending topics.

When he was just twelve years old, Cristiano Ronaldo was recruited to play professional soccer for a team in Portugal, 600 miles from his home on the island of Madeira, a region of Portugal. For the next twenty-five years, Cristiano would prove to the world that he is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Author James Buckley Jr. takes readers through each exciting moment--from his first championship with Manchester United to each of his five Ballon D'or award-winning seasons. He has spent his career playing for teams in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy. And he is the first player with league championships in England, Spain, and Italy. Outside the world of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous people in the world - a true international superstar.

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ronldo is m favorite soccer player.

ronldo is my favorite player because he soccer over the goalkeeper.



This book is amazing

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Soccer watchers or players would love this book

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I really love soccer, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Soccer watchers and players would love the book. Especially soccer watchers from Portugal.

I really like this book!!

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This book taught me about who Cristiano Ronaldo and what was his accomplishments.I really likes how they shared how much Ballon D'or's he has won.Also ,I really liked how they shared his childhood and how that even when he had a tough time he still tried and how successful he became.

It was so good it was very great was good the story was good and I love it it was great

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Ronaldo goats it was so good I loved it

James Buckley
James Buckley Jr. has written more than 50 books for kids, including Who Was Jim Thorpe? and Who Was Pelé?

Laurie A. Conley is an illustrator who loves bringing scenes to life with both traditional and digital ink. She specializes in illustrating historical fiction and non-fiction books for kids, and also enjoys drawing whimsical haunted house portraits and other gently spooky art. Laurie earned a BFA from Syracuse University and has worked professionally for over 30 years. She and her husband live in Maryland with their youngest son in their long-time family home.
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Guided Reading Level
Penguin Workshop
Publication date
July 20, 2022
Who Was?
BISAC categories
JNF038060 - Juvenile Nonfiction | People & Places | Europe
JNF007100 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Biography & Autobiography | Sports & Recreation
JNF054130 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Sports & Recreation | Soccer
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