Welcome to Bookelicious!

At Bookelicious, we feed kids’ passion for reading. Our professionally curated collection of great books, plus our AI-driven, behavior-based recommendation engine, make it easy for kids to find books they love.

It’s like a personal librarian in your pocket!

The Bookelicious Solution

Reading motivation flows from three key levers: high-interest books, well-suited to a child’s reading skill, and personally chosen by the reader from a wide selection of relevant titles. Bookelicious incorporates all three levers, plus the expert knowledge of educators and reviewers, to promote successful, motivated reading.

Personal Relevance

Bookelicious recommends high-interest books on topics kids are excited about. Children who find reading materials interesting are more motivated to read, and read with greater comprehension.


We offer a multitude of books that satisfy each reader’s individual interests. Offering children a choice increases their time spent reading and their sense of being “in charge.”

High-Quality Books

Our expert network of teachers and librarians guide our recommendations, as well as user-generated popularity ratings. Every book featured on Bookelicious has been curated by an educator.

Gamification and Engagement

Our bookmojis have their own special pets and accessories that enable users to express their individuality, convey information about their interests, develop their reading identities and engage with a community of readers.

A Virtuous Circle

Bookelicious matches children with a personalized selection of books, thereby supporting reading motivation, which in turn improves literacy.

At Bookelicious We Match Children with Books They Truly Want To Read

  • More than 17,000 expertly curated titles showcased on a fun, kid-centric platform.
  • Access to the best in children’s literature featuring deeply diverse titles across all genres.
  • Tailored book recommendations based on your bookmojis and wish list.
  • Choice—explore the site and choose your own books.
  • High-interest books! Do you like dogs or magic, superheroes or baseball? Bookelicious makes it easy to find what you love.