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Books to Keep You Reading All Summer Long

Looking for some great new books for your kids to read this summer? We’ve compiled some of our favorite summertime reads for grades K-5. Kindergarten to 1st Grade [booklist_table isbn="9781951836412,9781632174352,9781536219760,9781536204520,9781419763076,9781250779960,9780063254152,9781534441453,9781612546001,9780593308431,9780711264229,9781338794984,9781636550527,9780593203132,9780593479728,9781536208429,9780593350201,9781250621023,9781536216295,9781536216356"] 1st to 2nd Grades [booklist_table isbn="9780063056282,9780063067516,9780593387214,9781665916981,9781506486345,9780593385784,9780316310628,9781534111769,9780316312264,9781338820539,9781419742071,9780063021679,9780062865779,9780316389778,9780358539377,9780593481240,9780735270251,9780593117491,9781665913287,9780063015401"] 2nd to 3rd Grade [booklist_table isbn="9781419742743,9781338801910,9781338783483,9780593488935,9781250163400,9780374312176,9780814349731,9781665919319,9781534483132,9781338762587,9781338736625,9780593488096,9781419761515,9780063136366,9781665904766,9781338776942,9781665916950,9781534486003,9781419757334,9781338830965"] 3rd to… Read More

Summer Reading Challenge!

Join the Bookelicious Summer Reading Challenge! Summer is the perfect time to read! Whether you’re reading with your friends and family, reading by the pool, or talking about your favorite books, Bookelicious wants you to share your love of reading all summer long. Our Summer Reading Challenge will… Read More

Kindness Counts! Collections

These 20 book collections, celebrating the importance of being kind, caring, trustworthy and responsible, have been curated in English for grades K – 8, and in Spanish for grades K – 5: 20 books: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade (English)   20 books: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade (Spanish)… Read More

Bookelicious Presents John Schu Live 2023-24!

Children’s book author, librarian, and former elementary school teacher John Schu brings book joy to students and educators at student assemblies and professional development sessions. Author Event and Student Assembly Experiences During in-person school visits, John… Read More

Gift Guide: Picture Books

Everyone loves a fun and inspiring picture book. From the story of the gym teacher who invented basketball, to the 101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up, the story of a lonely young boy enchanted by music and the stars (inspired by David Bowie), and the colorful and flamboyant Big Book of Blooms, you'll find great ideas for picture books. There's a gift for every child and every interest!   Read More