Celebrate National Poetry Month This April, 2024!

A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry frequently written in three lines – the first and third lines often have five syllables, while the second line has seven. Another type of poetry (much longer than a haiku) is a novel in verse – a multi-paged story told in poetry instead of prose. Enjoy some beautiful poetry – from shorter poems in picture books such as Like So, to longer novels in verse like Louder Than Hunger – to celebrate National Poetry Month! Read More

Celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9, 2024!

Unicorn stories don't just include traditional "unicorns" anymore -- you'll also find kitty-corns, nerdy-corns and mermi-corns! And there are even more mythical creatures to discover. Celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9 with some of these stories about dragons, yetis, pegasi and phoenixes! Read More

Did You Know? National Learn About Butterflies Day 2024

A butterfly begins life as a tiny egg. Within a week, the egg hatches into a caterpillar. The caterpillar eats leaves and flowers until it’s much, much bigger, and then develops a shell, called a chrysalis, that protects the caterpillar while it morphs into a butterfly. Chrysalises can often be found hanging under leaves or branches. After 10-15 days, a beautiful butterfly emerges! For more information about butterflies, check out our collection of nonfiction butterfly books, below. Read More