Meet the Team

Lea Anne Borders, Founder and CEO
Bookelicious was founded by Lea Anne Borders, BA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD, University of California, San Francisco; MS, Mgmt. Stanford Graduate School of Business. Formerly a partner at Cooley, LLP and general counsel for MyWire, Inc., an online retail media startup, Ms. Borders has also served as a board member for nonprofit literacy organizations Bring Me a Book Foundation and LitLab.

Anne Wissinger, Chief Experience Officer
Anne joined Bookelicious as Chief Experience Officer in 2020 and is responsible for introducing the Feed Your Read experience nationally to educators and families. Anne proudly served literacy non-profits including LitWorld, First Book, and the National Center for Family Literacy and served on the board of directors for the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County Florida and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). Prior to joining Bookelicious, she held numerous leadership positions for Scholastic, Inc. and Barnes & Noble Booksellers for over 25 years.



Louis Borders

Founder of Borders Books, Webvan, and Synergy Software;
CEO and Founder of HDS Global

David Goddy

CMO at Reading Plus; SVP, Scholastic Inc.; Founder of Moxie Reader

Deborah Stipek, PhD

Dean Emeritus of Education at Stanford University School of Education


Steve Dalal

Chief Product Officer

Marisa Keegan

Chief Strategy Officer

Liz Doerr

Chief Financial Officer

JoEllen McCarthy

National Literacy Advisor

John Schumacher

Children’s Librarian & Director of Publicity

Lorien Hunter, PhD

Director of Curation and Content Strategy

Juan Manuel Bosi

Art Director

Bill Barrett

New Business Outreach

Jeannie Salgado

Business Development Project Manager

Mary Beth Coleman

Regional Sales Director

Lisa Hernandez

Sales Representative

Wendy Wendt

School Sales Specialist

Mary Williams Henderson

Independent Sales Representative

Arlene Gunter

Independent Sales Representative

Dawn Molignano

Educational Programs Manager

Michelle Manning

Executive Assistant

Talia Squires

Curation Manager

Jennifer LaGarde

School Library Engagement

Alice Lee

Principal Engagement

Aliza Werner

Professional Learning & Social Media Manager

Robin Hoffman

Professional Development & Author Relations Senior Advisor

Clare Landrigan

National Literacy Advisor

Duane Davis

National Literacy Advisor

Lynsey Burkins

National Literacy Advisor

Heather Biggs

Events Coordinator

Lacy Henderson

Purchasing and Fulfillment Manager

Brianna Elias

Internal Operations Manager

Stephanie Hartman

Logistics and Special Projects Manager

Gabriela Mattos

Operations Coordinator

Antonia Rodgers

Curator & Collection Advisor

Tanimola Somolu

Data Entry Administrator

Andrea Callahan


Anna Weddle


Joanna Bunting


Nikki Bylina Streets


Samantha Landgrover


Sophie Call


Stella Villalba