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Celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23, 2024!

All tortoises are turtles. But not all turtles are tortoises! Tortoises like to live on land, while most turtles like to live in water as well as on land. Tortoises are shaped a little differently than most turtles, because they have thicker back legs and shells that are dome-shaped. And tortoises are herbivores (vegetarians) while most turtles are omnivores – they eat both plants and animals.  Celebrate World Turtle Day 2024 with these wonderful books about turtles (including tortoises) and other reptiles! Read More

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month 2024

Exercise not only releases tension in our muscles, it can also help relax our minds, by releasing endorphins that trigger positive feelings, and regulating cortisol levels that help us respond to stress. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month 2024, enjoy these inspiring stories centered around our feelings. Read More

Celebrate National Poetry Month This April, 2024!

A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry frequently written in three lines – the first and third lines often have five syllables, while the second line has seven. Another type of poetry (much longer than a haiku) is a novel in verse – a multi-paged story told in poetry instead of prose. Enjoy some beautiful poetry – from shorter poems in picture books such as Like So, to longer novels in verse like Louder Than Hunger – to celebrate National Poetry Month! Read More