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National Hispanic & Latín Heritage Month 2023

In honor of National Hispanic & Latín Heritage Month 2023, learn more about Frida Kahlo, the brilliant Mexican artist who painted at Casa Azul in Frida Kahlo: Revolutionary Painter!, and explore other wonderful books that celebrate Hispanic and Latín heritage. Read More

September 19, 2023 Is Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Pirates may not have buried much treasure on deserted islands, cried “argh” when displeased, or forced their captives to walk the plank. (Argh!) But some pirate lore seems to be based on fact. Pirates actually had parrots for pets, wore eye patches, and flew the Jolly Roger. (Blimey!) To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day 2023, read a pirate book or three. Discover interesting facts and popular pirate myths, and find out more about the seadogs, swashbucklers and scallywags who roamed the briny deep. Read More