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Stella Villalba’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9780593697559,9780063159877,9780593704998,9780762483990,9781536222517"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9788427232488,9788427232488,9788412638912,9781484690475,9786073808330,9781644735541"]   Stella Villalba was raised and nurtured in a bicultural and bilingual household. Born in Argentina to parents from Paraguay, Stella learned that being a multilingual learner is a superpower… Read More

Sophie Call’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9780593530153,9781949480238,9780593485811,9780593381632,9780063213098"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9780593533253,9780593533253,9781943147090,9780063015388,9780525552864,9781943147618"]   Sophie joined the Bookelicious team as the curator for graphic novels and action/adventure books. She has a B.A. in Linguistics and Education from Wellesley College, where she studied to… Read More

Samantha Landgrover’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9781536209785,9780063217652,9780823452347,9781772783117,9781250838810"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9781944903114,9781944903114,9781419768774,9780803740884,9780593485774,9781250814319"]   Samantha Landgrover is a dedicated and experienced school librarian with a Master’s in Library Science. Since 2011, she has thoughtfully built and managed K-8 school library collections, curating engaging,… Read More

Nikki Bylina-Streets Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9781534483156,9781250292773,9780316353229,9781665912488,9781250147424"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9781328707352,9781328707352,9780545741651,9781338736601,9780593643730,9780061992254"]   Nikki holds a PhD in Literacy and believes strongly in student choice to drive reading motivation.  Nikki has been in public education for over 20 years, where most of… Read More

Joanna Bunting’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9780063213968,9781459834125,9780593429396,9781665936378,9781773068121"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9780807501030,9780807501030,9781797221922,9781534440074,9781515845652,9781636550183"]   With Masters degrees in both Literacy Education and Social Work, Joanna has a special interest in how reading can promote children and young people’s social and emotional development. She… Read More

Antonia Rodger’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9781536212976,9781534462014,9781454951452,9781646143702,9780063286054"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9780807501030,9780807501030,9781536237948,9780593480434,9780759556782,9781534488335"] Antonia Rodgers is an experienced educator who has taught K-2 in both Texas and New York. She obtained a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Houston and… Read More

Anna Weddle’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9780593754221,9780744092035,9781338792454,9780593529287,9780807574874"] h3>Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9781442445932,9781442445932,9781669007111,9780593754221,9780711290587,9780593623534"]   Anna serves on the School Board for her county’s school system. In her free time, she reads several books each week. She has two daughters who share her passion… Read More

Andrea Callahan’s Curator Bookshelf

I’m Currently Reading [booklist_table isbn="9780063337312,9781368082853,9781338851397,9798887770482,9780807558188"] Favorite Series [booklist_table isbn=" 9780358569824,9781419769047,9781338827200,9780062498465,9780544541221"]   Andrea Callahan has been in the field of early childhood education since 2013, and has held many titles including Teacher, Education Coordinator, and Assistant Director. A Massachusetts native, Andrea… Read More

Celebrate World Music Day 2024!

Dolly Parton began singing professionally at age 10, and has gone on to write and perform almost 3,000 songs. Inspired by her father’s inability to read and write, Dolly founded the Imagination Library to give books to children ages 0-5 years. Since 1995, the Imagination Library has gifted more than 200,000,000 books to children! In honor of World Music Day 2024, learn more about musicians like Dolly Parton by checking out these great books: Read More