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Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is January 31, 2023!

For some of his most iconic paintings, including celebrity portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol used photographs to create silkscreen “stencils,” pushing ink through the silkscreens and layering it on top of images he had already traced and painted by hand. For his Campbell’s Soup Cans, he used a slightly different technique, tracing the images using a projector and filling in the outlines using paint and brushes. To celebrate Inspire Your Heart With Art Day 2023, check out the books below to learn how Warhol and other artists created works of art that inspire our hearts. Read More

Support the SproutFive Book Drive

The Dublin Literacy Conference is proud to partner with SproutFive and Bookelicious to provide books to children in the Columbus area. In alignment with our Dublin City Schools district values, we believe in connecting and collaborating with our community, and we actively seek opportunities to help others. In celebration of literacy and togetherness, this book drive is our way of giving back to the community and supporting early learning for children. Thank you for supporting the development of lifelong learners and readers! At checkout, please use the coupon code DUBLIN2023 to receive 20% off, and ship your book(s) to: (First Name) SproutFive (Last Name) Bookelicious 113 Corporate Drive Radford, VA 24141 Read More

Jan. 15, 2023 is National Hat Day!

Hats have been worn for thousands of years. In fact, Egyptian artwork from 3200 BC depicts a man wearing a straw hat! Hats can be practical – keeping people comfortable in the sun or rain. They can also be purely decorative, like the tiny “doll hats” worn atop huge wigs in the 18th century, and the fascinators still worn for special occasions today. To celebrate National Hat Day in 2023, check out even more great books featuring hats: Read More