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Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is January 31, 2023!

For some of his most iconic paintings, including celebrity portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol used photographs to create silkscreen “stencils,” pushing ink through the silkscreens and layering it on top of images he had already traced and painted by hand. For his Campbell’s Soup Cans, he used a slightly different technique, tracing the images using a projector and filling in the outlines using paint and brushes. To celebrate Inspire Your Heart With Art Day 2023, check out the books below to learn how Warhol and other artists created works of art that inspire our hearts. Read More

National Cupcake Day 2022

The term ‘cupcake’ originally referred to how cupcakes were baked -- in a teacup! Not to confuse matters, but “cupcake” also once referred to a cake made with ingredients measured by the cupful (for example, 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, and 4 eggs). However, this second type of cupcake was usually baked in a pan, not a cup. Today, cupcakes are typically baked in muffin tins. Does that mean cupcakes are muffins in disguise? Definitely not! Not only are the ingredients and mixing methods different for cupcakes and muffins, but cupcakes also have frosting (and frosting makes ALL the difference)! To celebrate National Cupcake Day on December 15, 2022, learn how to bake your own cupcakes and other sweet treats (including muffins!) with these fun baking cookbooks: Read More

Celebrate Nobel Prize Day 2022!

Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times between 1937 and 1948. Nobel Prizes are rarely given posthumously, and upon his death in 1948 Gandhi was no longer considered eligible to receive the Prize.  Over the past 120 years many remarkable people have been nominated for a Nobel Prize but never recognized as Nobel Laureates. Others have been forgotten or excluded when their partners received recognition. Celebrate Nobel Prize Day 2022 by reading about some of these outstanding individuals who didn’t receive a Nobel Prize (but perhaps should have). Read More

Jazzy’s 2022 Nobel Prize Day Bookshelf

Five different Nobel prizes have been awarded almost every year since 1901 to individuals and organizations deemed to have made the most important contributions to world peace, physics, chemistry, medicine and literature. A sixth prize, for Economic Sciences, was added in 1968. Jazzy’s 2022 Nobel Prize Day Bookshelf celebrates a number of well-known Nobel Laureates, as well as Alfred Nobel -- the man who made the Nobel Prize possible. Read More

Books About Scarecrows for 2022

Scarecrows have been used by farmers to protect their crops for thousands of years. Europeans who emigrated to the US during the 18th century brought their custom of making scarecrows that resembled humans. They dressed their scarecrows in worn-out pants, shirts and coats, placed old hats on heads stuffed with straw, and tied red handkerchiefs around their necks. They called these scarecrows bootzamon or bogeyman. While today’s farmers no longer rely on scarecrows to protect their crops, the scarecrow has become a symbol of the fall harvest season. Celebrate the fall season in 2022 with some of these fun stories featuring scarecrows: Read More