Gift Guide: Picture Books

Everyone loves a fun and inspiring picture book. From the story of the gym teacher who invented basketball, to the 101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up, the story of a lonely young boy enchanted by music and the stars (inspired by David Bowie), and the colorful and flamboyant Big Book of Blooms, you’ll find great ideas for picture books. There’s a gift for every child and every interest!


Books for Adventurers

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Books for Astronauts

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Books for Baseball Sluggers

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Books for Basketballers

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Books for Cat/Dog Enthusiasts

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Books for Chefs & Foodies

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Books for Dinosaur Devotees

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Books for Fairy Tale Fans

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Books for Gamers

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Books for History Buffs

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Books for Magicians

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Books for Musicians


Adam and His Tuba by Ziga X Gombac


Mary Can! by Mary J Blige


Violin and Cello by Catherine Greer


Everything a Drum by Sarah Warren


Hello, Mister Blue by Daria Peoples

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Books for Outdoor Devotees

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Books for Science Fiction Fans

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Books for Sleuths

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Books for Soccer Strikers

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Books for Superheroes

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Books for Transportation Fans

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Books for Unicorn Huggers

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Books for Watersporters

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