Trick-Shot Triumph (Jake Maddox Graphic Novels)

by Jake Maddox (Author) Eduardo Garcia (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
When Mariana and her new friend, Selena, try to play some basketball at a local court, they're challenged to a game by two older girls. If Mariana and Selena win, they get to use the court. But if the older girls win, they get Selena's special autographed jersey. Unfortunately, things go badly and the younger girls lose the bet--and the jersey. However, they soon come up with a plan. Although some of Mariana's skills are lacking, she's great at shooting hoops. Will the friends succeed in their hoops hustle to get back Selena's special jersey?

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Publication date
January 20, 2022
Jake Maddox Graphic Novels

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