Books About Black History

Did you know that Mae Jemison was the first black woman to travel in space? Celebrate black history month by reading about black pioneers and visionaries in politics, science, sports and the arts. Read More

Books About Valentine’s Day

By the 18th Century, printed Valentine’s Day cards were available for purchase,* but we still like handmade cards the best. The books, below, have clever ideas and fun crafts to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Read More

Trick? Or Treat?

Did you know that the first jack-o’-lanterns were carved from turnips, not pumpkins? In Ireland and Scotland people hollowed out turnips and gave them creepy faces to celebrate the feast of All Hallows’ Eve. Centuries later, when immigrants from the UK arrived in North America, they discovered that the native pumpkin made a much better jack-o’-lantern, because it was larger and softer than a turnip! Read More