Themed Bookshelves

National Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

In honor of National Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month, learn more about Frida Kahlo, the brilliant Mexican artist who painted her animal friends at Casa Azul in Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos, and explore other wonderful books that celebrate Hispanic and Latinx heritage. Read More

Pirate Lore

Pirates may not have buried much treasure on deserted islands, cried “argh” when displeased, or forced their captives to walk the plank. (Argh!) But some pirate lore seems to be based on fact. Pirates actually had parrots for pets, wore eye patches, and flew the Jolly Roger. (Blimey!) To celebrate… Read More

Back To School Around the World

Children all over the world typically go back to school following their summer holidays. This means that school starts in August or September in the Northern Hemisphere, and January or February in the Southern Hemisphere. But even though many kids start school at the same time, what it means to… Read More

Books About Ice Cream

Ice cream has been a favorite food in the United States at least since the 1740s, which is probably why July is National Ice Cream Month! In the 19th Century, an ice cream maker was invented that allowed you to hand-crank the ice cream inside a bucket of ice,… Read More

Books featuring LGBTQ history

  Learn about the meaning behind the other colors of the Pride flag in Our Rainbow by Little Bee Books, and celebrate Pride Month with these great titles about important moments and people in LGBTQ history. Read More

Books About Black History

Did you know that Mae Jemison was the first black woman to travel in space? Celebrate black history month by reading about black pioneers and visionaries in politics, science, sports and the arts. Read More