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Jazzy’s 2022 Nobel Prize Day Bookshelf

Five different Nobel prizes have been awarded almost every year since 1901 to individuals and organizations deemed to have made the most important contributions to world peace, physics, chemistry, medicine and literature. A sixth prize, for Economic Sciences, was added in 1968. Jazzy’s 2022 Nobel Prize Day Bookshelf celebrates a number of well-known Nobel Laureates, as well as Alfred Nobel -- the man who made the Nobel Prize possible. Read More

Jazzy’s 2022 Picture Book Month Bookshelf

In honor of Picture Book Month 2022, enjoy these beautiful picture books by illustrators Galia Bernstein, Matthew Cordell, Leo Espinosa, Veronica Miller Jamison, David Roberts, Isabel Roxas, Lorna Scobie, Benson Shum, Jessie Sima, Aimeé Sicuro, Grant Snider, Diana Toledano, Kaz Windness, Billy Yong, and Yuval Zommer. Read More

Jazzy’s Halloween Bookshelf

Get into the Halloween spirit by checking out Jazzy’s latest bookshelf! By the way, did you know that first, it wasn't pumpkin when the first jack-o’-lanterns were carved?... Check our Trick? or Treat? pumpkin-themed books here. Are you interested in more books about holidays and celebrations? Check them out here. Read More