Monsters in the Briny

by Lynn Becker (Author) Scott Brundage (Illustrator)

Monsters in the Briny
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
What do you do with a grumpy kraken, a sickly sea serpent, and a tearful gigantic tortoise? You sing them a tune, of course! Following the sea shanty rhyme of What Do You Do With . . ., a ship's crew of sailors has to contend with a coterie of mythical sea creatures, all demanding comfort and attention. As each creature threatens to swamp the ship, the quick-thinking crew knows just what to do to save the day, from serving pancakes to mopping a sweaty forehead to sharing an umbrella to keep the rain away. But what happens when the sailors have had enough? Back matter includes information about the sea creatures featured, music and lyrics, along with a brief history of sea shanties.

Kirkus Reviews

This catchy read-aloud demands to be sung at the top of your lungs.

School Library Journal

Some very brave young mariners encounter all sorts of mythical sea monsters in this merry and musical celebration of sailor lore. Sung to the tune of "What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?" the tale involves a tall ship's crew as the members come across a grumpy kraken, a scruffy sea goat, a sickly serpent, a tearful turtle, and a hungry hydra. In every case the sailors provide comfort and assistance to the beastie. The sea goat feels much better after a makeover, the serpent needed tucking into bed, and the hydra wanted some fishy snacks. After they help all the monsters, it is the sailors' turn to be grumpy as their ship ends up capsized anyway! The monsters come together to help out their new human buddies. Fans of cryptozoology and the high seas will love the exuberant illustrations; the young mariners are diverse and high-spirited. The catchy sea shanty is imminently hummable, and a page of sheet music is included. Alliteration, rhyming, and clever wordplay support language arts lessons, all while introducing new nautical vocabulary. VERDICT A fun musical maritime adventure, perfect for interactive read-aloud sessions.—Alyssa Annico

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Guided Reading Level
Sleeping Bear Press
Publication date
April 20, 2022

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