Mermaids vs. Unicorns (Pacey Packer: Unicorn Tracker #3)

by J C Phillipps (Author)

Pacey and Slasher (the world's grumpiest unicorn) are swimming with MERMAIDS in this middle-grade graphic novel series that's just right for anyone who loves (or hates!) unicorns! Everyone loves mermaids. But take it from Slasher the unicorn--mermaids are NOT all they're cracked up to be. In fact, they're the mean girls of the underwater world. Pacey's not afraid of a few mermaids. She is just a little bit afraid of GIANT sea creatures and ANGRY Alpha unicorns, though.

The last time she was in Unicorn land, Pacey lost the Alpha Unicorn's horn, and he wants it back! Can Pacey and Slasher find the missing horn . . . without getting on the bad side of any mermaids? Dive into adventure in the third Pacey Packer graphic novel! Bonus: Includes instructions for how to draw a mermaid!

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Kirkus Reviews

Pacey and her family appear White; Beth, Briony, and some other human and humanoid figures in the cleanly drawn purple duotone art read as racially diverse. A splashy, snarky, subterranean sojourn. (Graphic fantasy. 7-10).

Copyright 2022 Kirkus Reviews, LLC Used with permission.

School Library Journal

Gr 2-5--The magical land of Rundalyn calls Pacey, little sister Mina, and their unicorn friend Slasher (Mina's stuffed toy, who in the first book revealed he was in fact a resident of Rundalyn) back into action just in time for Pacey to escape friendship woes on Earth. The mogs, friendly troll-like creatures who are unable to swim, ask the trio to retrieve the severed horn of the evil unicorn, Arkane, from the mermaids' domain. The story branches from Pacey's group rafting through subterranean waters, to Arkane's search for his horn, to the mogs attempting to assist from afar. Slasher's sarcasm provides plenty of humor, while his bias against mermaids foreshadows dangers to come. Pacey's hurt feelings over being unpopular are projected onto the mermaids, who have justified grievances with unicorns. Exposition delivered while traveling shows off Rundalyn, as well as Phillipps's purple-tinted art. Pacey and Mina are light-skinned and dark-haired. VERDICT The lore and cast of Phillipps's escapist fantasy continue to expand while delivering more laughs and adventure that fans of the previous two books will love.

Copyright 2022 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.
J C Phillipps
J.C. Phillipps is a picture book creator and longtime graphic novel reader as well as the owner of a somewhat extensive (though mostly accidental) unicorn collection. Like Pacey, she is occasionally snarky. Unlike Pacey, she hasn't met a real unicorn--yet. J.C. lives in Connecticut with her husband and son. Pacey Packer: Unicorn Tracker is her middle-grade and graphic novel debut. Visit her online @JCPhillipps.
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March 20, 2022
Pacey Packer: Unicorn Tracker

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