Dino Trouble (Arcade World #1)

by Nate Bitt (Author)

Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
Series: Arcade World

Two best friends in a town taken over by video games have to outsmart digital dinosaurs in the first book in the Arcade World graphic novel chapter book series.

Life in Normal used to be, well, pretty normal. Kids went to school. Kids did their homework and chores after school. And then kids met up at the local arcade, called Arcade World. Arcade World was the weirdest, coolest place. It had a collection of video games that no one had ever heard of, like Dino Trouble or Hot Dog Time. And no one held more high scores than Travis Better and Journey West. But one day, the video games in Arcade World came alive. Now, there's a whole new normal in town--as Normal becomes a dangerous Arcade World. Join Travis and Journey as they race dinosaurs to school, survive bottomless pit falls, and battle aliens to level up and solve mysteries like what's going on, who really owns Arcade World, and whether this video game takeover is a glitch or part of a larger, evil plan.

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Kirkus Reviews

The funny cliffhanger ending does its job—young readers will want to read the next installment to find out what happens next. An entertaining series opener whose simple storyline can be forgiven. (Graphic novel. 7-9).

Copyright 2021 Kirkus Reviews, LLC Used with permission.

Publisher's Weekly

Light-skinned, bespectacled Travis Better and light brown-skinned Journey West are best friends and video game fanatics. When Arcade World, a "magical and mysterious" new video game center where "everything’s free," suddenly opens in a formerly abandoned building, the child population of the town of Normal is eager to start playing. Travis and Journey quickly ascend to the top two spots on every game except for Dino Trouble, but with the encouragement of Mr. E. Miniboss-the arcade’s sinister-seeming, top hat-sporting proprietor-the pair manage to secure the coveted spots. Soon, reality begins to mimic the game aesthetically and otherwise, and the duo must complete levels IRL, taking on glitter dactyls, ice cream iguanodons, and other cute-but-deadly dinos. While an abrupt end to the gaming quest stunts the story, energetic, candy-colored spreads by Zod, reminiscent of the chunky character style of Sarah Graley, enliven debut author Bitt’s comic dialogue bubbles throughout this straightforwardly plotted series opener. 

Copyright 2022 Publisher’s Weekly, LLC Used with permission.

Nate Bitt
Nate Bitt is a video game fanatic who also loves pinball, ping pong, air hockey, skateboarding, and writing graphic novels.
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Little Simon
Publication date
February 20, 2022
Arcade World
BISAC categories
JUV001010 - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure | Survival Stories
JUV052000 - Juvenile Fiction | Monsters
Library of Congress categories
Graphic novels
Science fiction comics
Video games
Science fiction comic books, strips, etc
Video arcades

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