Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts (Lonely Planet Kids)

by Lonely Planet Kids (Author)

Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts (Lonely Planet Kids)
Reading Level: 4th − 5th Grade

If you believe that all you need to fight an evil bloodthirsty fiend is garlic or holy water, think again. What you need is to keep a cool head and reach for your copy of Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts!

Have you heard of the headless man roaming Edinburgh Castle? Or the mysterious girl who asks for a ride to the cemetery and then disappears into the night? What about orcs, trolls, gremlins, krakens, bunyips and the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who?Join famous monster hunter Van Helsing on a trip around the globe to find haunted castles, restless spirits, terrifying dragons, wicked witches, and more. Learn the defining characteristics of each beast, where it can be found and-most importantly-how to defeat it.

Organized by continent for easy monster-tracking, Lonely Planet Kids' Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts gives you the lowdown on the world's most famous ghosts and mythological creatures, each brought to life by Laura Brenlla's beautiful illustrations.

About Lonely Planet Kids: Lonely Planet Kids-an imprint of the world's leading travel authority Lonely Planet-published its first book in 2011. Over the past 45 years, Lonely Planet has grown a dedicated global community of travelers, many of whom are now sharing a passion for exploration with their children. Lonely Planet Kids educates and encourages young readers at home and in school to learn about the world with engaging books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. We want to inspire the next generation of global citizens and help kids and their parents to approach life in a way that makes every day an adventure. Come explore!

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Publishers Weekly

This oversize volume offers an international tour of mythical and supernatural creatures, organized by world region. Magrin introduces ghosts and mythological creatures of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, with maps featuring spot-art images of the individual entities placed in their region of origin. (Monsters from Japan and Greek mythology each receive their own listing, as do water monsters and ghosts of famous folks.) The subjects range from the more generically menacing Boogeyman and La Llorona to spirits and creatures tied to particular locations or events. In Namibia, the ghosts of Kolmanskop occupy a town "left to the sands of the desert," while the toys left behind on Mexico's Island of the Dolls belong to a girl's ghost. Brenlla's plucky cartoon renderings give the creatures the feel of caricatures, mitigating the volume's scare impact. Readers will enjoy spotting familiar monsters and ghosts while learning that things go bump in the night all around the globe. Ages 9-12. (July)

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Lonely Planet Kids
Kate Baker is a writer and editor of children's books for all ages on subjects ranging from history and travel, to natural history and mythology. Her books include previous Lonely Planet Kid's titles: A Place Called Home, Love Around the World and Wild in the City.
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Lonely Planet
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July 16, 2019
Lonely Planet Kids
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JNF016000 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Curiosities & Wonders
JNF052030 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Social Science | Folklore & Mythology
JNF008000 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Paranormal & Supernatural
JNF048020 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Reference | Atlases
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Haunted places

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