Hyena vs. Honey Badger (Who Would Win?)

by Jerry Pallotta (Author) Rob Bolster (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
Series: Who Would Win?
What if a hyena picked a fight with a honey badger? Who do you think would win?This nonfiction reader compares and contrasts two ferocious animals. Readers will learn about each animal's anatomy, behavior, and more. Then compare and contrast the battling pair before finally discovering the winner! This nonfiction series is full of facts, photos, and realistic illustrations, and it includes a range of mammals, sea creatures, insects, and dinosaurs to satisfy all kinds of animal fans.
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Jerry Pallotta
Jerry Pallotta is an award-winning author of children's alphabet books and imaginative fiction. His books combine interesting facts, detailed research, humor, and realistic illustrations that mesmerize children everywhere.
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Scholastic Inc.
Publication date
September 01, 2020
Who Would Win?
BISAC categories
JUV000000 - Juvenile Fiction | General
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Juvenile works
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Honey badger
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Instructional and educational works

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