The Tail of the Mummy Cat (Double Booking)

by Pangburn (Author) Nic Touris (Illustrator)

The Tail of the Mummy Cat (Double Booking)
Reading Level: 4th − 5th Grade
Series: Double Booking:

Join siblings Otto and Nan on a double stuffed adventure to Egypt, where each of them has a completely different experience!

While on a trip to Egypt, two siblings, Otto and Nan, stumble upon a sarcophagus. And they accidentally free a mummy cat from a pharaoh's chamber! Now tasked with finding it, their resulting adventure has them exploring the city, learning historical facts, saving each other from danger, and discovering truths about life.What's more, they're going to survive the same adventure - twice! See both perspectives in this flip graphic novel, written by real-life siblings Kim Shearer and Chas! Pangburn.

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Kirkus Reviews

A fun, illuminating tale with a wonderfully zippy cast.

School Library Journal

Starred Review

Gr 4-7--How do you describe an adventure involving two siblings who are complete opposites? In a "he said, she said" flip book written by real-life siblings Pangburn and Shearer! Older sister Nan is tall, neat, and wants to be a travel writer just like Mom. Younger brother Otto is short, stocky, messy, and more interested in comics and art camp than a trip to Egypt. The action takes place as they visit a pyramid for their mother's job. Otto sees the ghosts of a pharaoh and his mummified cat, but Nan doesn't believe him because they don't appear to her. First, readers experience Otto's POV as he tries to deal with these ghostly apparitions, and then they see Nan bewildered by Otto talking to thin air. The illustration style for each half matches the personality of the character whose viewpoint readers are experiencing. Otto's version has rounded edges and silliness in each scene, much like the "Cat Knight and Dog Woman" comics he draws. Nan's version matches her idea of herself as a no-nonsense reporter with straight edges, a slightly sinister ambiance, and reinforces Otto's younger age by always showing him down below Nan's eye level. VERDICT The perfect family vacation story, complete with mummies, newfound friends, and (eventually) sibling cooperation.--Suzanne Costner

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Be it as a writer, editor, and/or letterer, Chas! Pangburn puts words in balloons for a variety of publishers across the industry. He's been fortunate to have known Kim Shearer, his co-writer and big sister, since birth, so the highs and lows of sibling life are second nature to him. Which, speaking of, their mom says it's now his turn to play on the Nintendo.

Kim Shearer has been a public educator since 2003, serving students as an English teacher and librarian. She was named the 2012 Kentucky Teacher of the Year. She resides in Hebron, KY with her husband, her two daughters, and her two rescue dogs, Elmer and Gordie. She's also a pretty amazing big sister to her co-writer, Chas! Pangburn.
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Publication date
April 20, 2024
Double Booking:
BISAC categories
JUV013070 - Juvenile Fiction | Family | Siblings
JUV016020 - Juvenile Fiction | Historical | Ancient Civilizations
JUV008040 - Juvenile Fiction | Comics & Graphic Novels | Action & Adventure
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