Inside My Sea of Dreams: The Adventures of Kami and Suz

by Susan Marie Conrad (Author) Rebecca Rothman (Illustrator)

Inside My Sea of Dreams: The Adventures of Kami and Suz
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade

Join Kami the Kayak and her paddler Suz, along with a host of outdoor friends on a wondrous seafaring adventure to Alaska.

Based on a true story!

In this picture book adaptation of Susan Conrad's "Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage," we follow the dream of a little girl's big adventure in a tiny kayak. A talking kayak? A dreaming child? YES! Together they encounter magic and mayhem on a journey through a breathtaking land of challenge and reward.

Come along for the ride through one of the greatest waterways in western North America: The Inside Passage! All ages will learn that we are all capable of anything-and will always reach our destination-if we simply believe.

Kirkus Reviews

A dynamic adventure tale, based on a true story, told in evocative images and prose.

Review quotes

Captivating! After reading Susan Conrad's memoir, "One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage", I wasn't sure how she could pull off a children's book that would bring her real life journey to life for young children, but she did with flying colors !!! From the very beginning with her playful use of words and the rhythmic flow of the storyline I was convinced that she had written something truly special that would captivate the minds young readers. The vibrant pages are filled with the most beautiful illustrations, a visual explosion of fun! The story takes the reader on a journey with Kami and Suz, as though they were right there with them while they battled stormy seas, discovered new friendships, and realized the true meaning of reaching their dreams if they really tried. Being a past elementary school teacher of twenty years and having two sons of my own, I know a great story when I hear one.I will joyfully share this story with my grandchildren and highly recommend it to others. Laura J Aseltine, via Amazon

I wish I had this book as a kid! This sweet book lets a child know that they don't have to keep their dreams to themselves. A kid can actually make these dreams come true. They can start dreaming their life right away when these inspiring illustrations and words continue, even after the book is closed and put away. "Hey! I can start preparing right now!" These sea dream words can help a child become strong and brave and excited about life to come, maybe even help them to approach life in a healthy 'can do' way. What a lovely gift to a child. via Amazon

What an adventure! One of those books you don't mind reading again and again! The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is terrific (based on the actual journey of the author). It's a lovely book to read before bed; my 8 and 10-year-old sons enjoy listening to the story. The text isn't too long, so they don't get bored, and the illustrations are lovely. Trevor Lee, via Amazon

Inside My Sea of Dreams is a delight. Having read Susan Conrad's Inside Passage book and loving it, I was curious about this new book. Its empowerment message to kids is just what kids need to hear right now. To see Susan's experience growing up to that of kayaking the Inside Passage shares that it took work and commitment, but like many dreams, it is possible. In this book I love that the kayak is multi-colored (her real one is red) and that it guides her. That they learn together is the truth when kayaking. The artwork is lovely. The colors are perfect for showing the flora and fauna along her trip. Not too dreamlike, yet still with a sense of fun. As a classroom teacher I look forward to sharing this book with my class and placing it in my classroom library. Eva LaMar, via Goodreads

This is a fun and entertaining story for young ones who love adventure and learning about new places and people. I loved the artwork that was not too detailed yet engaging. The storyline moved along well and would keep children's attention as they learn a little about the Great Bear Rainforest, Spirit Bear, Butedale, the First People, Canada, and Alaska. Conny Withay via BookPleasures

Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Driftwood Publishing
Publication date
October 20, 2021

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