Story of John Lewis (The Story Of)

by Tonya Leslie (Author)

Story of John Lewis (The Story Of)
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
Series: The Story Of

Discover the life of John Lewis―a story for kids ages 6 to 9 about fighting for a better world John Lewis was a civil rights leader and United States congressman who never stopped speaking up for justice, equality, and peace.

Before he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, John was a thoughtful kid who loved learning but wasn't able to go to a good school because of segregation. He wanted to make a difference in his community, so he organized peaceful protests to end segregation and fight for equal rights for Black Americans. Explore how John went from being a young farm boy to a famous activist, politician, and leader.

The Story of John Lewis includes:

  • Core curriculum standards―Explore the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of John's life, and take a fun quiz to test your knowledge.
  • His lasting legacy―Learn more about how John Lewis made the world a better place for future generations, including you!
  • A visual timeline―Watch John progress from a little kid to an important leader with a visual timeline marking the major milestones of his life.

How will John's hard work, bravery, and kindness inspire you?

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Review quotes

"The Story of John Lewis by Dr. Tonya Leslie is an inspiring and historically important young-reader text. Dr. Leslie not only chronicles the amazing life and character of this hero and civil rights activist but also speaks to concepts such as equality, injustice, equity, and political movements. Throughout the timeline of Lewis' life, readers learn about faith, courage, and the pivotal events that built the foundation for the open society we live in today. Dr. Leslie gives readers the opportunity to think critically about how they would take political and spiritual action to make social change. This is an important book for every classroom!" —Niomi Plotkin, Urban Educational Leader

"The Story of John Lewis is engaging, historically insightful, and inspirational. Each chapter provides a chronicle account of John Lewis' key events and life-changing experiences. The manuscript also explores myths and facts concerning many historical accounts. The passages ask many life-applicable questions for young readers to review and reflect on. Overall, new readers will enjoy the John Lewis biographical story for years to come." —Oscar Joseph III, Ph.D.

"The author offers this beautiful book to further educate us on the values and actions of a great man. This book is essential to hold dear the memory of John Lewis and so that we can learn from and apply his principles and values. The current world is in disarray, and men like John Lewis give us hope in what they graciously sacrificed for the good of us all." —Michael K.J. Popovici, private investigator

Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Rockridge Press
Publication date
August 31, 2021
The Story Of
BISAC categories
JNF007110 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Biography & Autobiography | Social Activists
JNF007070 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Biography & Autobiography | Political
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