The Unforgettable (Logan Foster #1)

by Shawn Peters (Author)

The Unforgettable (Logan Foster #1)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series: Logan Foster

Packed with superheroes, supervillains, and epic showdowns between good and evil, The Unforgettable Logan Foster from debut author Shawn Peter shows that sometimes being a hero is just about being yourself.

Logan Foster has pretty much given up on the idea of ever being adopted. It could have something to with his awkward manner, his photographic memory, or his affection for reciting curious facts, but whatever the cause, Logan and his "PP's" (prospective parents) have never clicked.

Then everything changes when Gil and Margie arrive. Although they aren't exactly perfect themselves--Gil has the punniest sense of humor and Margie's cooking would have anyone running for the hills--they genuinely seem to care.

But it doesn't take Logan long to notice some very odd things about them. They are out at all hours, they never seem to eat, and there's a part of the house that is protected by some pretty elaborate security.

No matter what Logan could have imagined, nothing prepared him for the truth: His PP's are actually superheroes, and they're being hunted down by dastardly forces. Logan's found himself caught in the middle in a massive battle and the very fate of the world may hang in the balance. Will Logan be able to find a way to save the day and his new family?

Kirkus Reviews

Fun, silly, superheroic chaos


Starred Review
Peters folds laughs and action aplenty into a winning series opener that features both a ka-pow! premise and a particularly memorable addition to the recent uptick of neurodivergent narrators. 'That,' to quote Logan’s mantra, 'is a fact.'

School Library Journal

Gr 3–7—What starts as a story about a kid in the foster care system trying to find a family morphs into an action-packed superhero adventure. The book is written as a letter from Logan to his unknown younger brother, from whom he was separated when the children were abandoned at an airport. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and developmental coordination disorder, Logan always has lots of questions. He also has an eidetic memory, so he remembers everything he has seen, read, or heard. While this can make him socially awkward, it also makes him extremely special. His meeting with Gil and Maggie, the latest in the line of foster parents, is interrupted by a weird, localized earthquake, and things keep getting stranger from there. Logan soon puts together the pieces that his foster parents, while well intentioned, are not typical and maybe not quite human. After recognizing Maggie's alter ego from the comic books he frequently reads, Logan realizes that superheroes are real. Friendship with his new next-door neighbor, the popular and sporty Elena, connects Logan with a powerful ally in the neighborhood, in school, and on the quest to save his new family. Although Logan does not know his parentage, in the illustrations that pepper the text he appears to have curly hair and brown skin. Elena is biracial. The alignment of a group of superheroes fighting against each other doesn't tread new ground, but the way the teens bring their own skills and ingenuity to the fight is novel. The book is fun, and the main characters are well developed. VERDICT An engaging superhero story with the message that, sometimes, not fitting in and seeing the world differently are gifts that just might help save the planet.

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January 20, 2022
Logan Foster
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JUV001000 - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure
JUV013010 - Juvenile Fiction | Family | Adoption
JUV071000 - Juvenile Fiction | Superheroes
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Foster home care
Superhero fiction

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