Dragonboy (Dragonboy #1)

by Fabio Napoleoni (Author)

Dragonboy (Dragonboy #1)
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Series: Dragonboy

Reminiscent of Pete the Cat and Llama Llama, Dragonboy begins a new series about a curious, imaginative, playful little boy and his band of lovable stuffed animal friends.

Dragonboy is curious. He is playful, pensive, and kind. More than anything, he is himself: an imaginative little boy who loves to be a dragon. His stuffed animal friends--Darwin, Yellow Kitty, Simon, and Drako--are always by his side as he explores and discovers something new. Because the best part of an adventure is being with the ones who know you best.

The first in a new series, Dragonboy is the friend every child has been waiting for, a little boy full of empathy and joy who's ready to discover anything and everything our wonderful world has to offer.

Kirkus Reviews

A charming journey of discovery, friendship, and acceptance.


Lush acrylic paints on wood panels illustrate these adorable characters, and the rich vocabulary will stimulate discussion.... The group realizes that they may all sometimes feel sad or scared, but they all enjoy discovering new things. The underlying message: each of us is exactly as we are supposed to be.

Publishers Weekly

In this picture book series starter, Dragonboy is a round-headed, white-skinned child who loves to dress up in an impressively detailed dragon suit. Today, he and all his plush toys--a yellow cat, a brown sloth, a gray yeti, and a small green dragon--are heading out on a craft called Adventure. "There's always something waiting for you if your eyes and your mind and your heart are open," says artist Napoleoni's aphoristically inclined narrator. After sailing across a sea, the group frolics on a gently rolling hillside that may remind readers of Teletubbies territory. Encountering a sad unicorn named Karley, they assure her that her supposed deficits ("I'm not magical... And I can't fly") are what make her special. "We are already who we are supposed to be," Dragonboy tells her. "Especially when we are together." While the self-esteem message covers familiar ground, the debut author-illustrator's acrylic-on-wood-panel illustrations have a sweet-natured theatricality (the sea's waves are pointy and layered, like a Victorian stage set) and conjure up a green and sunny world, where even a dark forest of twisty trees looks inviting and there's all the time in the world to count the daisies. Ages 4-8. Agent: Albert Lee, United Talent Agency. (Sept.)

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Review quotes

A charmingly rendered costumed Dragonboy and his plushy pals journey to find adventure - and, ultimately, themselves. — Maureen Lee Lenker, Entertainment Weekly

Fabio Napoleoni
Fine artist Fabio Napoleoni is the creator of Dragonboy, a character based on his son, and the character Marcenivo, which he began drawing during the many months his infant daughter was battling a life-threatening heart condition. Fabio has also used his art in his seven years working with troubled and abused children before becoming a full-time artist. He has long been inspired by the multicultural street graffiti of New York City, as well as the colorful landscapes of Maine, and he invites you to visit him online at fabionapoleoni.com and on Instagram @fabionapoleoni. Born in Puerto Rico, he now lives in Florida.
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Publication date
September 20, 2021

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