G.O.A.T. Soccer Goalkeepers (Greatest of All Time Players)

by Alexander Lowe (Author)

G.O.A.T. Soccer Goalkeepers (Greatest of All Time Players)
Prepare to field one of the toughest questions in soccer: Who is the greatest soccer goalkeeper of all time? Goalkeepers might be soccer's most important players. Learn about incredible goalkeepers and the saves, scoreless streaks, and championships that make them the greatest of all time. Go deep with stats and action-packed text to discover the best soccer goalkeepers of the past and present in a fun, top-ten format. Study the evidence for yourself, and research your own G.O.A.T. list. Then have fun convincing your fellow soccer fans that your list is the best!

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"When determining sports GOATs, how do you compare heavy-hitter Hank Aaron to all-star pitcher Randy Johnson? You just can't! This series breaks down the greatest players of all time not just by their sport, but by their positions. Using statistics and logic, each book counts down the top ten best athletes to ever play. Readers may find themselves questioning the rankings―even narrowing down the GOAT based on position is contentious!―but Lowe demonstrates excellent persuasive writing, rationalizing the selections and their placement. For instance, number two pitcher Walter Johnson may have more wins than number one pitcher Greg Maddux, but with his four Cy Young and 18 Golden Glove awards, it's hard to argue against Maddux as the true pitching GOAT. Each book ends by inviting readers to research and then create their own top ten list. There's much to explore in this engaging series. VERDICT A first purchase."―School Library Journal
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Guided Reading Level
Publication date
January 20, 2022
Greatest of All Time Players (Lerner (Tm) Sports)

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