Return to Roar (Land of Roar #2)

by Jenny McLachlan (Author) Ben Mantle (Illustrator)

Return to Roar (Land of Roar #2)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series: Land of Roar

The imaginary world they created has been waiting for them to come back. Twins Arthur and Rose created the magical world of Roar when they were very young, and until recently, they'd all but forgotten it exists. But when the villain who still haunts their nightmares kidnaps their grandfather, Roar becomes part of their lives again.

When the twins go back to Roar for their first visit after rescuing Granddad, they soon discover there's no time to explore--Crowky, the villain, is poised to destroy their world, using a weapon that brings their deepest fears to life. Arthur and Rose must use all their courage and travel to the End of Roar to confront Crowky and save the world they built. This enchanting, action-packed novel is the sequel to The Land of Roar, a bestseller in the UK, and is perfect for readers who've always dreamed of exploring Narnia and Neverland.

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Review quotes

"Mantle's whimsical black-and-white illustrations enhance this playful, Peter Pan-like tale of sibling rivalry and affection. A series starter with heart."—Booklist
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Publication date
June 20, 2021
Land of Roar

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