Indiana Bones (Indiana Bones #1)

by Harry Heape (Author) Rebecca Bagley (Illustrator)

Indiana Bones (Indiana Bones #1)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series: Indiana Bones

Indiana Bones and his young friend Aisha are off to solve the greatest mysteries the world has ever known in this hilarious new series!

Indiana Bones is a shaggy dog with a difference. He's got superpowers and can sniff out criminals and - with his young friend and owner, 12-year-old Aisha - solve mysteries that would flummox the world's more expert detectives! In their first case, they are on the trail of treasure hidden centuries ago by a legendary knight known as The Lonely Assassin, an adventure which takes them all the way to Egypt and the Pyramids.

A hugely inventive new Middle Grade series from one of the funniest authors in the business.

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Kirkus Reviews

Starred Review

Cheerful spot art adds to the fun as Aisha and her adorably scruffy canine friend pursue their goal. A heartfelt adventure story with a heroine readers will enjoy rooting for.

Copyright 2021 Kirkus Reviews, LLC Used with permission.

School Library Journal

Gr 3-7--In this series debut, Aisha Ghatak is a 12-year-old Indian girl, world traveler, and archaeologist on an adventure to discover the best treasure of all time. Her companion is a magical talking dog named Indiana Bones. He came from a magical portal between Aisha's world and the world of the gods from Skara Brae, a site her famous archaeologist father explored. Indiana Bones brought Aisha's family three magical sapphires that connect them to the spirit world, allowing sight into the past as well as the future. Aisha and Indiana Bones set off to discover the trillions of pounds' worth of gold and jewels allegedly collected by a single thief, a French Knight called the Lonely Avenger. Their adventures bring them all the way to the pyramids of Egypt. This story is told by a narrator and guide wrly named Sir Harold of Heape. Readers will be intrigued by Aisha's study of the Scroll of the Lonely Avenger and amused by Indiana Bones' pronouncements. There are elements of wordplay in the text that some may find distracting, like descriptions of Aisha's father's "gladadventures," visiting the "funtryside," and feeling "bumcomfortable." The book mentions erupting volcanoes, cities of gold, and princes and paupers that may all be forthcoming. VERDICT This supernatural adventure series features a strong, whipsmart heroine and her talking canine; recommended for fans of archaeology and treasure-based romps.--Lisa Gieskes, Richland County P.L., Columbia, SC

Copyright 2021 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

Review quotes

"Harry Heape serves up delicious slices of book time after time. Richly satisfying stories slathered with zingy comedy icing." — Jesse Armstrong
Harry Heape
Harry Heape is an artist, a visionary and a very successful none-of-your-businessman. A shy and quiet man, he lives and writes in deepest, darkest Hahahahalifax. Harry has written the hilarious Shiny Pippin series. Rebecca Bagley lives in Bath. When she's not hanging out in the world of children's books, she'll probably be in a headstand, plotting how to best smuggle a husky into her flat. She has illustrated brilliant books such as the Shiny Pippin series, Don't Mess with a Princess and Armadillo and Hare.
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Publication date
August 20, 2021
Indiana Bones

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