Mulan: Before the Sword

by Grace Lin (Author) Grace Lin (Illustrator)

Mulan: Before the Sword
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade

From New York Times best-selling author, Grace Lin, comes a novel filled with adventure and wonder.

Family is important to Hua Mulan--even if her parents don't understand why she would rather ride her horse, Black Wind, than weave, or how her notorious clumsiness can be so different from the graceful demeanor of her younger sister, Xiu. But despite their differences, Mulan has a deep love for her family, especially Xiu. So when her sister is bitten by a poisonous spider, Mulan does everything she can to help, including seeking out a renowned healer.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to both the mysterious spider bite and the healer than meets the eye. On a quest with the Jade Rabbit of legend, Mulan visits extraordinary places, meets Immortals, and faces incredible obstacles while searching for an antidote for her sister. And the danger only rises when Mulan learns of a prophecy foretelling that a member of the Hua family will one day save the Emperor . . . and of the powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent it from coming to pass.


Exciting action, humor, and warm-heartedness course through the narrative for a spirited, uplifting read.

Kirkus Reviews

Starred Review

As usual, Lin artfully develops captivating characters with rich histories.... A legendary tale for a legendary figure.

Publishers Weekly

In this original fantasy prequel to Disney's 2020 live-action Mulan film by Lin (A Big Mooncake for Little Star), Hua Mulan accompanies the Jade Rabbit of Chinese lore on a quest to save Mulan's younger sister, Xiu. A formidable, shape-shifting foe named Daji, the White Fox; Daji's pitiable servant, Xianniang, the Red Fox; and a few Chinese Immortals round out the cast. When a nine-legged spider bites the perfect, demure Xiu, she falls ill. Mulan, along with her beloved horse, Black Wind, is sent to fetch a healer visiting the next village. Revealed to be the Jade Rabbit, the Healer discloses that Xiu has been poisoned by Daji and will die if not given the antidote "before the night of the new moon." Because a Hua daughter is prophesied to save the Emperor, Daji is intent on Xiu's death. With the Jade Rabbit also poisoned by Daji, and waylaid at every step by Daji and her minions, Mulan has her work cut out for her. In the midst of this fast-paced quest, Lin's distinctive peppering of folkloric tales throughout the narrative adds engaging layers, providing backstory and fleshing out characters' relationships and motives. Ages 8-12. Agent: Rebecca Sherman, Writers House. (Feb.)

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Grace Lin
Newbery and Caldecott Honoree Grace Lin is a New York Times best-selling author and illustrator of novels, early readers, and picture books. Her novel When the Sea Turned to Silver (a companion to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon) was a National Book Award Finalist.
Grace is an occasional commentator for New England Public Radio as well as a video essayist for PBS News Hour. She is also the speaker of the popular TEDx talk "The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf" and the co-host of the Book Friends Forever podcast. In 2016, Grace's art was displayed at the White House where Grace herself was recognized by President Obama's office as a Champion of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art and Storytelling.
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Disney Press
Publication date
February 20, 2020

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