Einstein: The Fantastic Journey of a Mouse Through Space and Time (Mouse Adventures)

by Torben Kuhlmann (Author)

Einstein: The Fantastic Journey of a Mouse Through Space and Time (Mouse Adventures)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade

Time is relative! Award-winning, illustrator Torben Kuhlmann's brilliant new book bends time and imagination!

When an inventive mouse misses the biggest cheese festival the world has ever seen, he's determined to turn back the clock. But what is time, and can it be influenced? With the help of a mouse clockmaker, a lot of inventiveness, and the notes of a certain famous Swiss physicist he succeeds in traveling back in time. But when he misses his goal by eighty years, the only one who can help is an employee of the Swiss Patent Office, who turned our concept of space and time upside down.

2019 Batchelder Honor Award
2019 ALA Notable Children's Book

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Review quotes

If you've never seen a Kuhlmann book, you are in for a treat. I've always called him the Steampunk Beatrix Potter, but to be fair he's more interesting than that. Over the years Kuhlmann's books have charmed with their precision and attention to even the smallest of details. And now, at long last, we're gonna get to see some time travel.—Betsy Bird "Fuse #8 Blog, SLJ.com"
Torben Kuhlmann
Torben Kuhlmann studied illustration and communications design at the Hamburg University of Applied Science, with book illustration as his main subject. In June 2012 he finished his studies by writing and illustrating the children's book Lindbergh--The Tale of a Flying Mouse. This was his first picture book, and within a very short time it became a best seller. It has now been translated into more than thirty languages. Further mouse adventures followed with Armstrong (2016), Edison (2018), and Einstein (2021), all of which have achieved cult status.
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September 20, 2021
Mouse Adventures

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