Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars

by Mark Weston (Author) Katie Yamasaki (Illustrator)

Honda: The Boy Who Dreamed of Cars
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

The life story of Soichiro Honda, pioneering Japanese businessman and innovative motorcycle and car manufacturer.

One day in 1914 when Soichiro Honda was seven years old, an astonishing, moving dust cloud appeared in his small Japanese town. The cause was a leaky, noisy automobile-the first the boy had ever seen. At that moment Honda fell in love with cars, and a dream took hold. He would one day make them himself.It took Honda many years to reach his goal. Along the way he became an expert mechanic and manufacturer of car parts. After World War II he developed a motorized bicycle, the forerunner of his innovative motorcycles. Eventually Honda began manufacturing cars, first race cars and then consumer cars. Constantly seeking ways to make his products better than his competitors', Honda grew into a global industry leader.

Soichiro Honda had an inventive mind and a passion for new ideas, and he never gave up on his dream. A legendary figure in the world of manufacturing, Honda is a dynamic symbol of lifelong determination, creativity, and the power of a dream.This is Katie Yamasaki's first book.


A worthwhile introduction to a neglected subject.
Mark Weston
MARK WESTON was inspired to write a children's book about Soichiro Honda after the extensive research he did for his highly praised adult book about pioneering men and women of Japan, called Giants of Japan. A former attorney, journalist, and Jeopardy! champion, Weston is now a full-time writer. He lives with his wife in Sarasota, Florida. Katie Yamasaki is an illustrator, author, muralist, fine artist, and teaching artist. Growing up in the "car culture" of Detroit, Yamasaki had an immediate connection to Honda's story. Yamasaki comes from a huge, diverse family that is full of (among many other things) artists and teachers. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Publication date
September 20, 2008
Age Range
6 - 11 years

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