Jacob's Fantastic Flight

by Philip Waechter (Author)

Jacob's Fantastic Flight
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

When his parents plan a trip to the sea, Jacob says he will fly there himself. Along the way, he meets new friends and has wonderful adventures.

And when his bird friends need help, Jacob and the flock work together to rescue their friend and outsmart the nefarious birdcatcher.

With gorgeous illustrations and a humorous, resonant story about independence, kindness, and embracing the unknown,

Jacob's Fantastic Flight shows what happens when a child uses their strengths and differences to help others in need.

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Kirkus Reviews

Starred Review
High-flying humor and heart.


Starred Review
Delightful...filled with intricate and charming details...a most unexpected and unusual 'what I did on my... vacation' tale.

School Library Journal

K-Gr 2--This German import is sure to delight and tickle the imagination. Jacob is a young boy who just happens to be able to fly. His parents are at first astounded but soon get quite used to it. When they decide to take a vacation to a warmer climate, Jacob insists on meeting them there. Why should he get on an airplane? While flying over the countryside, he notices a large group of birds en route to Africa and decides to join them; they have an amazing time seeing all the sights and getting to know one another. Unfortunately, an intrepid bird-catcher snags Hubert, one of Jacob's bird companions, and takes him home to keep as a pet. Jacob and the rest of the birds outwit this horrible person and free Hubert, along with all the other birds he captured over the years. A lovely illustration follows this triumph with a two-page spread of various birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors frolicking with Jacob. After the celebration, Jacob realizes it is time to join his parents and Hubert decides to come too. Soon they are playing on the beach, regaling the family with their many adventures. VERDICT Lessons are delivered with a light hand in this thoroughly charming read for young children, combining the wonders of the world with just a touch of magic.--Amy Nolan, St. Joseph P.L., MI

Copyright 2020 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

Publishers Weekly

Starred Review

Ever since babyhood, Jacob has been able to fly: he zooms into the sky in an orange onesie as his parents watch in anxious wonder. But they adjust, and a few years later they agree to let Jacob fly on his own to the family's vacation destination. This journey, depicted in fine-lined, softly washed ink and crayon drawings reminiscent of R.O. Blechman, is every kid's dream of independence and community. Jacob meets up with a flock of 83 birds (numeric specificity is one of the book's sweet running jokes). "They traveled great distances, took leisurely breaks, and had lots of pleasant conversations. They chatted and chirped, fed and frolicked," and at one point form a giant fish in the sky to salute a fisherman below. When one member of the flock is captured by a "notorious bird-catcher," Jacob leads the rescue and is feted as a hero in a marvelously imagined pond party that "birds came from far and wide" to attend. German creator Waechter's assured, Roald Dahl-leaning storytelling, rendered in a delightful to read translation, offers a whimsical flight of fancy to readers feeling wanderlust. Ages 3-7. (Oct.)

Copyright 2020 Publishers Weekly, LLC Used with permission.

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Blue Dot Kids Press
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October 20, 2020
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JUV039060 - Juvenile Fiction | Social Themes | Friendship
JUV002040 - Juvenile Fiction | Animals | Birds
JUV039090 - Juvenile Fiction | Social Themes | New Experience
JUV037000 - Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic
JUV001000 - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure
JUV041010 - Juvenile Fiction | Transportation | Aviation
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