The Case of the Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #2)

by Josh Funk (Author) Brendan Kearney (Illustrator)

The Case of the Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #2)

"Uncle," Croissant said, "the fridge is in trouble! A mystery stench turned a whole shelf to rubble! I'm the last hope or the fridge will be lost! Help me or else we'll be cooked, served, and sauced."

There's a stinky stench in the fridge--and our favorite foodie friends must solve a smelly mystery! Sir French Toast's nephew, Inspector Croissant, begs him and Lady Pancake for help in finding the source of the foul odor. Could it be the devious Baron Von Waffle? A fetid fish lurking in the bottom of Corn Chowder Lake? Featuring the same delectable rhymes, wordplay, and art that won critical raves for Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast--there's even an actual red herring--this fun follow-up is an absolutely tasty treat for kids!

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Kirkus Reviews

Crisp writing, engaging illustrations, and sweets--this is a recipe worth keeping."

Publishers Weekly

With a "horrible stench" assailing the fridge, the stars of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast attempt to locate its source, assisting an eager sleuth, Inspector Croissant. Funk crafts his rhymes with care, and readers will giggle their way through this refrigerated fantasyland: "They started their search crossing Salsa Ravine, / And lumbered through smog around Mount Everbean." Kearney's candy-colored cartoons are attuned to the book's brand of culinary comedy, conjuring marshmallow vistas, a sludgy lake of chowder, and even a literal red herring on the way to a happy ending that doesn't even require baking soda to solve. Ages 5-8. Author's agent: Kathleen Rushall, Andrea Brown Literary. Illustrator's agent: Hannah Whitty, Plum Pudding Illustration. (May)

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Josh Funk
Josh Funk is a software engineer and the author of books like the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series, It's Not a Fairy Tale series, How to Code with Pearl and Pascal series, A Story of Patience and Fortitude series, Dear Dragon, Pirasaurs!, My Pet Feet, and more.

Billy Yong is an illustrator and character designer. Born and raised in sunny Singapore, he studied entertainment design at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, California. He's often found drawing or geeking out over furniture with his wife. He drinks way too much boba, even though he knows he shouldn't.
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Union Square Kids
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May 20, 2017
Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast
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JUV019000 - Juvenile Fiction | Humorous Stories
JUV001000 - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure
JUV028000 - Juvenile Fiction | Mysteries, Espionage, & Detective Stories
JUV050000 - Juvenile Fiction | Cooking & Food
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Humorous stories
Stories in rhyme
Mystery and detective stories
Humorous fiction
Pancakes, waffles, etc
French toast

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