Big Machines Float! (Big Machines)

by Catherine Veitch (Author)

Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Series: Big Machines
These fabulous books are a must for any young reader with an interest in vehicles and machines. Each book is filled with amazing machines, fun facts, jokes, and age-appropriate text in colorful boxes. This book takes a close look at machines that can float including cruise ships, hovercraft, and ice-breakers. Find out which floating machine is the mightiest of them all!

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K-Gr 2-- Big is a rather relative term in these sketchy introductions to large vehicles. Each two-page entry carries a small logo rating the machine's size as big, super, or mighty, but there's no explanation of what these terms actually mean. When does big become super? Small bits of information about each vehicle and the two accompanying photographs vary widely in clarity and specifics. The truncated or partial views and picturing of vehicles with no background for context are ineffective, as readers won't get much sense of what some of these vehicles look like or how they operate. This is a subject with a lot of child-appeal, the six categories are well chosen, and many of the vehicles are intriguing. However, the cluttered pages and skimpy information and images do the readers and the subject a disservice.

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Publication date
July 20, 2014
Big Machines

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