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Bryan Chick

Bryan Chick lives in Clarkston, Michigan, where he haplessly roots for the Detroit Lions. When he's not writing, he jumps town to be with like-minded peers at elementary schools around the nation. A bunch of things in The Super Sports Society really happened, which goes to show the strange life he's had. A Turd Tank, really? Yes. Bryan's Secret Zoo book series has sold almost a million copies. He has two new series being released in 2024: The Super Sports Society (Andrews McMeel Publishing) and Wayfinders (Blackstone Publishing).
Brett Radlicki is an illustrator who lives with his wife in southeast Michigan. Together they have raised two amazing humans and an occasionally obedient dog. When Brett is not tripping over his shoelaces during a baseball game, you can find him with a sketchbook creating pictures and comics. Some of these doodles find their way into books, magazines, and garbage cans around the world. The Super Sports Society is dear to Brett because of his love for sports, drawing, and portable toilets.
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