Daytime and Nighttime: Explore the Earth's Habitats During the Day and Night - Flip Over to Explore the Daytime

by Michael Bright (Author) Nic Jones (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 4th − 5th Grade

Take a trip around the world to discover the busy animals active during the day, and the magical creatures that come out at night in twelve unique habitats in this extensive exploration of the natural world.

This book's fun flip-book format gives readers two books in one. Beginning with the daytime, children can explore the biodiversity of a huge range of landscapes. Readers can then flip the book and arrive at extraordinary night-time scenes where the hidden, rarely seen creaturesof the night come out to play in the same landscapes, all for children to uncover.

This innovative title looks at the animals of both day and night in a huge variety of habitats including the South American Rain Forest, African Savannah, Australian Outback, and Andes Mountains. Firm favorites and widely unknown creatures, of both the day and night, are explored, including: Cockroaches, silverfish, and leopards that scour cities by night Parrotfish, shrimps, and epaulette sharks that roam tropical coral reefs by day Aye-ayes, leaf-tailed geckos, and tomato frogs that emerge in the Madagascan night Wild boar, brown bears, and jays that enjoy the European woodland in the sunshine.

Sections on the animals of dawn and dusk, and even urban wildlife, make this a truly fascinating, comprehensive, and fresh look at the natural world for children. The magic of the natural world during both the day and night is brought to life with Nic Jones' vibrant illustrations.

Daytime and Nighttime provides the perfect opportunity for children to compare and contrast twelve habitats during the day and night, and uncover the true biodiversity of our planet at all times of the day.

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Kirkus Reviews

Celebrating some of the multifarious life-forms in diverse Earth environments.

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Michael Bright

Michael Bright is an executive producer with the BBC's Natural History Unit. He and his colleagues are based in Bristol, England, but they scour the entire world for stories and images. He is the author of over 75 natural history books, including Andes to Amazon; the producer of countless television and radio programs, including the award-winning television series Natural World and Wildlife on One; and has been editorial consultant on several reference works.

Nic Jones graduated from the University of Bolton with a degree in Animation and Illustration. She often finds herself inspired by the intricacy and beauty of the natural world, and applies this to her illustration and design. Her illustrations are influenced by a passion for traditional drawing techniques, and they combine rich, vivid colors, with explorative, textured brushstrokes. Nic creates her bold illustrative work in Photoshop, and she has masterfully adapted her digital painting style to convey traditional illustration techniques, whilst maintaining the commercial advantages of working digitally.

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Words & Pictures
Publication date
September 26, 2023
BISAC categories
JNF051100 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Science & Nature | Environmental Science & Ecosystems
JNF003000 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Animals | General
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