by Pedro Martín (Author) Pedro Martín (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 6th − 7th Grade

A poignant, hilarious, and unforgettable graphic memoir about a Mexican-American boy's family and their adventure-filled road trip to bring their abuelito back from Mexico to live with them.

Pedro Martín has grown up hearing stories about his abuelito--his legendary crime-fighting, grandfather who was once a part of the Mexican Revolution! But that doesn't mean Pedro is excited at the news that Abuelito is coming to live with their family. After all, Pedro has 8 brothers and sisters and the house is crowded enough!

Still, Pedro piles into the Winnebago with his family for a road trip to Mexico to bring Abuelito home, and what follows is the trip of a lifetime, one filled with laughs and heartache. Along the way, Pedro finally connects with his abuelito and learns what it means to grow up and find his grito.

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Review quotes

Mexikid is a delightful story packed with family history, culture, closeness . . . and a Winnebago full of laughs. —Terri Libenson, New York Times bestselling author of Emmie & Friends series 

Mexikid is poignant, laugh-out-loud funny, and masterfully weaves road trip misadventures with history and family legacies. This is one of those books that kids will pass to their friends as soon as they have finished it. —Victoria Jamieson, creator of National Book Award Finalist When Stars Are Scattered

★ Full of humor, heart, and a decent amount of gross-out moments, Martín's coming-of-age memoir hits all the right notes. Though the family's travels took place decades ago, the struggles with establishing identity, especially as a child of immigrants whose identity straddles two cultures, feel as current as ever. The vibrant, action-packed panels offer plentiful details for readers to pore over, from scenes of crowded family chaos to the sights of Mexico. A retro yet timeless story of family and identity. —Kirkus, starred review 

Not only is this a story of family love and discovery, but also a great look back at the 70's and its music, technology, movies, and TV shows . . . Highlights include the author's recounting of the past stories he heard about his grandfather fighting in the revolution, the real-life photos of Martín's family, and several pages of questions and answers about his life. Naturally many of the phrases are in Spanish, some with translations. The art is wonderfully drawn, realistic, flows smoothly, and the use of color to show emotion gives the reader a full understanding of the events. —School Library Connection

This was such a fun memoir. The illustrations were spot-on and the family hilarious and loving. This is really a life-is-stranger-than-fiction book filled with adventure, discovery, unforgettable people, hijinks, crazy haircuts, and real-life superheroes. A wonderful summer read for kids (and adults!) of all ages. —Nicole Miller, Barbara's Books bookseller 

This coming-of-age, middle grade memoir was laugh-out-loud funny and touching. Pedro Martin does a fantastic job of showing the struggle of trying to bridge his Mexican and American worlds together—particularly that of his own generation and his legendary grandfathers. Excellent illustrations and very engaging. —Lucy Corona, Hicklebee's bookseller
Pedro Martín
Pedro Martín is a former Hallmark artist and the creator of Asteroid Andy. He chronicles his life growing up Mexican American online in a comic series, and in his debut graphic memoir, both called Mexikid.
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Guided Reading Level
Dial Books
Publication date
August 20, 2023
BISAC categories
JNF028000 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Humor | General
JNF007000 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Biography & Autobiography | General
JNF038070 - Juvenile Nonfiction | People & Places | Mexico
JNF062010 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Comics & Graphic Novels | Biography
Library of Congress categories
Identity (Psychology)
Graphic novels
Mexican Americans
Autobiographical comics
Martin, Pedro

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