Each Orange Had 8 Slices

by Paul Giganti (Author) Donald Crews (Illustrator)

Each Orange Had 8 Slices
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Series: Counting Books

Dynamic illustrations and appealing words combine to introduce beginning math concepts and reinforce visual literacy--"an exceptional introduction to mathematics."* Whether shared at home or in the classroom, this picture book is a fun way to learn basic math concepts.

"An unusually stimulating counting book that holds appeal for a wide spectrum of ages."--Publishers Weekly

If each orange has 8 slices and each slice has 2 seeds, then how many seeds are there in all? You'll have fun multiplying, adding, and counting your way through the math puzzles hiding in the world all around you. Clear and colorful artwork by Donald Crews, the award-winning creator of Freight Train and Truck, gives young readers helpful hints to solve the engaging and age-appropriate word problems.

"The vibrant style of Crews's gouache artwork is well matched to this exceptional introduction to mathematics."--School Library Journal*

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Publishers Weekly

Despite its humdrum title, this author-illustrator team's ( How Many Snails? ) latest effort is an unusually stimulating counting book that holds appeal for a wide spectrum of ages. Each spread discloses three facts, followed by three questions, such as: ``On my way to the playground I saw 3 red flowers. Each red flower had 6 pretty petals. Each petal had 2 tiny black bugs.'' Readers are then asked to total how many flowers, how many petals and how many black bugs there are. The very young can count aloud as they point to each object, whereas older children can use multiplication to complete the calculations, which vary in difficulty. Displaying an exceptionally brilliant palette of colors, Crews's typically bold, uncluttered pictures make counting easy for the smallest fingers. Unlike most books of the genre, this will not be quickly outgrown.

Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Greenwillow Books
Publication date
April 19, 1999
Counting Books
BISAC categories
JNF013030 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Concepts | Counting & Numbers
JNF035030 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Mathematics | Arithmetic
Library of Congress categories

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