Sunday Pancakes

by Maya Tatsukawa (Author)

Sunday Pancakes
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
This warm, feel-good tale of friends working together to make delicious pancakes is the ultimate comfort food from Geisel Honor creator Maya Tatsukawa. It's Sunday! And for Cat that means . . . pancakes! But Cat is out out of eggs and milk--maybe inviting friends will fix that. Luckily, Rabbit and Bear have the missing ingredients covered, and these friends get to work baking stacks and stacks and STACKS of pancakes! There may be a few spills and oops along the way, but pancakes--and friends--don't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Included in the story is a simple recipe so readers can enjoy making pancakes of their own!

Kirkus Reviews

Modeling creativity and patience, the friends eventually enjoy their pancakes, making the best of mishaps along the way . . . With each page divided into panels, the simple colored cartoons, rendered in a warm palette, exude softness. Japanese culture is incorporated through a few ingredients and household objects, and a pancake recipe is included. A delightful, delectable read.

Publishers Weekly

The goal is to eat pancakes for Sunday breakfast--but to do that, a lavender cat and its friends, a teal rabbit and pink bear, have to actually make them. First, Cat realizes that the fridge lacks both eggs and milk. Rabbit has eggs, though, and also arrives bringing fresh-picked blueberries and carrots; Moonbear brings milk and some special honey. Chaos quickly follows when Rabbit spills ingredients on the floor, Moonbear slips on a carrot, and the freshly opened flour covers everyone ("POOF!") in a cloud of white. But the trio's affection for one another runs deep; they quickly recover from the mishaps (flour-covered Bear embraces a polar bear mien, letting out a jokey "GRRRR!" as the others giggle). And when Rabbit makes a misshapen pancake, the friends immediately realize that it resembles Moonbear's head, and intentionally make two more pancake portraits with blueberry eyes: "TA-DA! It's us!" With characters who resemble plush toys, a cheery pastel palette, and off-the-cuff-sounding dialogue, Tatsukawa (The Bear in My Family) creates a hanging-out-in-the-kitchen mood that embodies the essence of home cooking's joys. The pancakes are conveyed as indeed delicious (the characters make more for dinner), but for readers, they're really just icing on the cake of witnessing characters who make each other feel cozy and welcome. A pancake recipe concludes. Ages 4-8. Agent: Wendi Gu, Sanford J. Greenburger & Assoc. (May)

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Review quotes

The art is the star of the show here as Tatsukawa's handmade textures create an overarching softness complemented by a soothing, pastel color palette, and stippling lends the scenes depth and liveliness. This picture book is brimming with mouthwatering, fluffy flapjacks, and adults should be prepared to utilize the recipe at the back of the book after reading it (regardless of the time of day). —BCCB
Maya Tatsukawa
Maya Tatsukawa is a children's book illustrator and designer residing just outside of Boston. She also wrote and illustrated The Bear in My Family, and illustrated Dandelion Magic, by Darren Farrell.
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Dial Books
Publication date
June 20, 2022

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