Space Song Rocket Ride

by Sunny Scribens (Author) David Sim (Illustrator)

Space Song Rocket Ride
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Blast off into space and take a rocket ride around the universe! This animated singalong features a team of kid astronauts who fly their homemade spaceship past planets, stars, black holes and meteors before landing back on earth in time for supper.

Sunny Scribens
Sunny Scribens was born and raised outside Nashville, TN, and holds an M.A. in Classics from the University of Texas. She has written numerous titles for Barefoot Books, including several under the name Kate DePalma. David Sim studied at the Royal College of Art and has worked as an illustrator for many years creating many children's books. David and his wife also run a gallery in Crail, a beautiful fishing village in Fife, Scotland.
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Barefoot Books
Publication date
March 20, 2022

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