Donut: The Unicorn Who Wants to Fly

by Laura Gehl (Author) Andrea Zuill (Illustrator)

Reading Level: K − 1st Grade

Here's the hilarious story of Donut, a scruffy unicorn who can't fly-- but who keeps on trying! From the author of One Big Pair of Underwear and the illustrator of Sweety.

When Donut, a fluffy, scruffy unicorn with a colorful horn spots a bird in the air, she thinks, why can't I be up there, too? And so she jumps! off of a log and and even a trampoline. But thump! she falls down to the ground. After many attempts at flight (including wings fashioned out of sticks), Donut schemes with the other animals in the field, and finally comes up with an ingenious and imaginative solution. Finally, her perseverance pays off-- and Donut flies!

With a simple text and expressive art, here is a character-driven story from a popular author-illustrator duo that's laugh-out-loud funny, ingenious, and sure to appeal to all those unicorn fans out there--especially those who like their unicorns a little on the imperfect side.

Publishers Weekly

Donut wants to fly, but actually doing so is another matter entirely: despite valiant efforts and a supportive forest friend group, the unicorn remains stubbornly earthbound. Gehl (The Hiking Viking) chronicles these attempts through brief rhyming snippets, as in a sequence in which Donut tries a set of wings that the animal friends fashion from leaves, twigs, and vines: "Donut sails!/ Donut flails!" leads, a page turn later, to "Donut wails!" Finally, the group hits on a winning idea: building a nestlike basket in which the birds can carry the unicorn into the sky (amid what looks like a hot air balloon festival). Given the minimal text, art by Zuill (Regina Is NOT a Little Dinosaur) does a lot of heavy lifting, literally and figuratively, and it excels on both counts: her elegant ink line, enhanced with warm digital color, articulates moments of slapstick, ingenuity, despair, and triumph. Donut is awkward, funny, and sweet, with a big pink nose and a long fringe, and the unicorn's lessons of persistence, kindness, and collaboration land with the lightness of a zephyr. Ages 4-8. Agent (for Gehl and Zuill): Erzsi Deak, Hen&ink. (Apr.)

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April 20, 2022

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