The Fairy Garden

by Georgia Buckthorn (Author) Isabella Mazzanti (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

Follow the enchanting, beautifully illustrated story of Mimi, a young girl who longs to see fairies in her garden.

Mimi was a perfectly ordinary girl who lived a perfectly ordinary life. She had toys to play with, a little brother who wasn't too annoying, and cakes on her birthdays. Mimi didn't want many things. But there was one thing she wanted so very much, so very much indeed... to see a fairy in her garden. Poor Mimi spends hours and hours making her fairy garden completely perfect, but the fairies never come. Whatever could she be doing wrong? Just when she has given up all hope, some twinkling lights appear. They're here! And they are bringing an important message... With captivating artwork from Isa Bancewicz, and activity spreads at the back which tell readers how to create their own, perfect fairy garden this beautiful story will capture readers' imaginations. And, just maybe, it will help them attract fairies to their own gardens! 

Kirkus Reviews

A sweet...environmental fable.

School Library Journal

This debut collaboration features Mimi, about six, with a lovely life and just one wish: to see a fairy. She single-handedly transforms her back garden (where readers' sharp eyes will spot hidden fairies) into a perfectly manicured space complete with tiny fairy houses-but no inhabitants. Finally, her one tear of despair brings three fairies (one brown-skinned) who explain that her leaf-raking, bug-spraying ways have made the garden uninhabitable for them (and for their pet caterpillars). Mimi allows some wildness back in, and all is well. Delicate, detailed colored-pencil drawings evoke an idyllic setting. There is some departure from realism in that, once introduced, her parents and small brother, who never plays in the garden, disappear, even when Mimi falls asleep before an open window. But in a book with fairies, realism is optional. Directions for making a flowerpot-fairy house add to the appeal. VERDICT Budding environmentalists, and teachers, will find the sweetly presented message unimpeachable.

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Georgia Buckthorn

Isabella Mazzanti is an illustrator from Rome. She has worked as an art director, concept artist, illustrator and comic book artist for clients in Italy, the USA and France.

Georgia Buckthorn is an editor and writer of children's books, based in Sussex, UK

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April 20, 2022

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