The Copycat (Itty Bitty Princess Kitty #8)

by Melody Mews (Author) Ellen Stubbings (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

Itty realizes that she has a copycat in this eighth Itty Bitty Princess Kitty chapter book.

Itty meets a young tiger named Tessa and it turns out she goes to Itty's school! Itty thinks she's nice and funny, and she can tell Tessa likes hanging out with her and her friends. But then Tessa shows up wearing the same dress as Itty--the one Itty had told her about that is very special to her. And in art class, Tessa copies Itty's drawing. Itty doesn't understand why Tessa is being such a...copycat! Does she really want to be Itty's friend? Or does she just want to copy whatever Itty is doing?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on every page, the Itty Bitty Princess Kitty chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

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Melody Mews
Melody Mews is a children's book writer who lives in New York City with her husband and their two cats. Neither of her cats are of royal descent, like Itty Bitty Princess Kitty is, but don't tell them that because they definitely think they are!

Ellen Stubbings is a children's book illustrator and comic artist based in York, UK. She works in a tiny studio, often accompanied by her large tuxedo cat, Fig. Ellen is obsessed with all things cute and this is reflected in her illustrations.

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Publication date
June 20, 2021
Itty Bitty Princess Kitty

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