Soomi's Sweater

by Susie Oh (Author)

Soomi's Sweater
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade

Soomi's new sweater arrives, but it doesn't quite fit. Mom makes it just right and Soomi can't wait to show her friends. Soon, Soomi's brand new sweater isn't so new anymore. Her friends try to patch it up, but nothing works. Thankfully, Mom knows just what to do. She creates something better than brand new!

A heartwarming book about a little girl and her brand new sweater. For children ages 4 years and up

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Susie Oh
Susie Oh spent her early years wrangling goats and chickens in rural South Korea before boarding a plane for a new life in New York. One of her first memories of the city was a pilgrimage to the iconic library on Fifth Avenue: guarded by two marble lions, it was a temple to books. Susie loved books before she knew a word of English; she loved the tactile rustling of pages, the rhythm of the spoken word, and most of all, she loved the art. Susie studied illustration in college while volunteering in the America Reads program. She now teaches English as a New Language. With her passion for art, storytelling, and teaching, Susie hopes to create books that help early readers develop their own communication skills.
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Publication date
November 20, 2021
BISAC categories
JUV039060 - Juvenile Fiction | Social Themes | Friendship
JUV013060 - Juvenile Fiction | Family | Parents
JUV048000 - Juvenile Fiction | Clothing & Dress
Library of Congress categories
Key Colors Illustrators Competition
Silver Medal Winner 2020

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