The Story of Ice Cream: It Starts with Milk

by Stacy Taus-Bolstad (Author)

The Story of Ice Cream: It Starts with Milk
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Series: Step by Step
How does milk become delicious ice cream? A farmer milks cows. The milk is mixed and heated. Next a worker adds flavors. The mix gets cold. Watch what happens step by step as ice cream is made.

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Review quotes

Each book in this illuminating series guides readers slowly and methodically through the process something takes to get to its final form. Colorful photos illustrate the steps and are filled with fine details. From foods (chocolate, corn, honey, peanut butter, apples, salt, ice cream, and milk) to playful products (baseball bats and crayons) to creatures (butterflies and frogs), readers will gain an intimate knowledge of the world around them. The easy reader format includes one-to-three lines of text per spread, which gives readers plenty of time to use picture clues to decode unfamiliar words and pore over the interesting photos that show the steps along the journey. The selected photos show diverse groups of people who have a hand in bringing these common items into our lives. VERDICT For story times, caregivers, and emerging - readers, this series is an exciting look at everyday -miracles. A first purchase.School Library Journal

— "Journal" (4/1/2021)
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Lerner Publications (Tm)
Publication date
January 20, 2021
Step by Step

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