The Dinosaur Awards

by Barbara Taylor (Author) Stephen Collins (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Roll up, roll up! The Dinosaur Awards are about to begin--and you're invited! Who will win the Terrifying Toes Award? Who will be crowned the Lizard King? And who will take home the Loudest Trumpeter Award? Celebrate the prehistoric past with 50 dynamic dinosaurs. Readers can learn all about the dinosaurs' features, diet, and habits as well as discover what makes each one so prize-worthy--and there are 10 comic strips to enjoy, too. With easy-to-understand, humorous text by Barbara Taylor and joyful illustrations from cartoonist Stephen Collins, this is the perfect book for dinosaur-loving kids everywhere. There are pronunciation guides, time periods, and vital statistics for each dinosaur, as well as an index to peruse. Featuring: Velociraptor - Tsintaosaurus - Pegomastax - Caudipteryx - Mamenchisaurus - Argentinosaurus - Spinosaurus - Titanceratops - Gigantoraptor - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Compsognathus - Carcharodontosaurus - Yutyrannus - Euoplocephalus - Majungasaurus - Coelophysis - Gigantosaurus - Utahraptor - Triceratops - Hypsilophodon - Archaeopteryx - Deinonychus - Maiasaura - Ankylosaurus - Pinacosaurus - Sauropelta - Gastonia - Pachyrhinosaurus - Sichomimus - Sauroposeidon - Pachycephalosaurus - Stegosaurus - Parasaurolophus - Kamuysaurus - Lambeosaurus - Corythosaurus - Troodon - Sciurimimus - Gallimimus - Therizinosaurus - Ouranosaurus - Avimimus - Sinosauropteryx - Mircroraptor - Anchiornis - Diplodocus - Oviraptor - Dromaeosaurus - Cryolophosaurus

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K-Gr 3--This title spotlights 50 different prehistoric creatures by providing fascinating information intertwined with humor. This book is loaded with text, which makes it perfect to share with an older sibling or parent. Adults will encounter words and names they may have never seen before, such as Deinonychus. Children will learn about the different habitats, strengths, and weaknesses of various dinosaurs. Each page contains amusing illustrations, key statistics, comic strips, and diagrams. One of the most noteworthy features of this volume is the table of contents. Collins provides a portrait of each dinosaur in a picture frame. This allows readers to go directly to the page of the dinosaur that piques interest, without having to rely on text. VERDICT Readers will be drawn to this generous collection of engaging information about dinosaurs and want to revisit it again and again.--Kelly Finan Richards, Baltimore Cty. Public Sch.

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Review quotes

A "generous collection of engaging information." - Kelly Finan Richards, School Library Journal
Barbara Taylor

BARBARA TAYLOR studied Environmental Sciences at Southampton University. She has worked as a science editor and writer at London's Natural History Museum and for several publishing houses. She is an award-winning author of more than 150 books for children including 3-D Explorer Dinosaurs (Quarto).

Stephen Collins is an illustrator and cartoonist from Penge, southeast London. His work has appeared in many publications worldwide, and he has a weekly comic in The Guardian Weekend magazine. His 2013 debut graphic novel The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Book Of The Year award and an Eisner Award.

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May 20, 2021

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