Adventures with My Daddies

by Gareth Peter (Author) Garry Parsons (Illustrator)

Adventures with My Daddies
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade

A diverse family embarks on a series of whimsical adventures in this Own Voices read aloud, perfect for LGBTQ+ and adoptive families!

"My daddies are amazing. They're funny, kind, and smart. And when they read me stories...exciting journeys start!"  Set off on a series of incredible adventures with an endearing, diverse family as the bedtime stories they read burst into colorful life. Together, the daddies and their little one battle dragons, dodge deadly dinosaurs, zoom to the moon, and explore the world in a hot air balloon, before winding down to sleep in a wonderfully cozy ending.

Own voices author and illustrator team Gareth Peter and Garry Parsons deliver an imaginative, heartwarming tale filled with bright, optimistic acrylic and pencil illustrations that celebrate the magic of books and unique family stories as well as the beauty of diverse families.

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Vivid, imaginative storytelling...a relatable tale for children of adopted, blended, and LGBTQ+ families.... Accompanied by Parsons' bright, energetic illustrations, Peter's rhyming text reminds young readers that all types of family structures are valid and that different kinds of families are capable of kindness, education, protection, and, most important, fun.

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Publisher's Weekly

An adoptee with light brown skin and dark curls narrates this rhyming tale, which follows the child and their two fathers, one with dark skin and the other white, as they embark on reading adventures together-exploring high fantasy, dinosaurs, astronauts, and more. Peter presents sprightly rhymes in the narrator’s child-appropriate voice, relaying the family’s bookish escapades before reaching the heart of the volume: "Books take us on these journeys/ over forest, sand, and sea./ But my daddies’ favorite story is...// the one that brought them me!" Detailed acrylic and pencil illustrations by Parsons offer cheery, gently humorous accompaniments, notably a scrapbook spread of the child’s journey to adoption and photos with their fathers and the family dog. An endearing bedtime read that will resonate with any family. Ages 4-8.

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Review quotes

"The story is simple and treads familiar ground, but it does so in such a tender way that readers will enjoy returning to it again and again." — Kirkus Reviews
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Guided Reading Level
Publication date
April 20, 2021

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