King and King

by Linda de Haan (Author) Stern Nijland (Illustrator)

Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

When the queen insists that the prince get married and take over as king, the search for a suitable mate does not turn out as expected.

Once there lived a lovelorn prince whose mother decreed that he must marry by the end of the summer. So began the search to find the prince's perfect match and lo and behold... his name was Lee. You are cordially invited to join the merriest, most unexpected wedding of the year.

King & King is a contemporary tale about finding true love and living happily ever after, sure to woo readers of any age. A great gift. Exuberant artwork full of visual play calls for repeated readings. 

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Kirkus Review - Children

Starred Review

Indeed a book whose time has come, this is no pusillanimous bibliotherapy; it is, rather, a joyful celebration that at the same time firmly challenges the assumptions established and perpetuated by the entire canon of children's picture books. Hurrah to newcomers de Haan and Nijland and to the publisher for bringing them to an American audience. (Picture book. 5-7)

Copyright 2002 Kirkus Reviews, LLC Used with permission.

Horn Book Magazine

Starred Review

In this mischievous twist on a familiar motif, a bachelor prince finds something lacking with each princess his mother draws to his attention until the last candidate brings along her cute brother. Silly but affectionate collage illustrations match the text for whimsical irreverence. Missing the political point, the young audience will probably come to the conclusion that this prince likes boys better than girls, which, of course, he does.

Copyright 2002 Horn Book Magazine, LLC Used with permission.

Publishers Weekly

When a grouchy queen tells her layabout son that it's time for him to marry, he sighs, "Very well, Mother.... I must say, though, I've never cared much for princesses." His young page winks. Several unsatisfactory bachelorettes visit the castle before "Princess Madeleine and her brother, Prince Lee" appear in the doorway. The hero is smitten at once. "What a wonderful prince!" he and Prince Lee both exclaim, as a shower of tiny Valentine hearts flutters between them. First-time co-authors and artists de Hann and Nijland matter-of-factly conclude with the royal wedding of "King and King," the page boy's blushing romance with the leftover princess and the assurance that "everyone lives happily ever after." Unfortunately, the multimedia collages are cluttered with clashing colors, amorphous paper shapes, scribbles of ink and bleary brushstrokes; the characters' features are indistinct and sometimes ugly. Despite its gleeful disruption of the boy-meets-girl formula, this alterna-tale is not the fairest of them all. For a visually appealing and more nuanced treatment of diversity in general, Kitty Crowther's recent Jack and Jim is a better choice. Ages 6-up. (Mar.) Copyright 2002 Publishers Weekly Used with permission.
Linda de Haan
Writer and illustrator duo Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland met in art school and founded their studio in the dressing rooms of a former public swimming pool, The Papermill. (No, they don't wear flippers and goggles to work and yes, that is a lifeguard chair.) In addition to being talented artists, Linda and Stern are expert sandcastle builders. This is their first picture book.
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Publication date
March 20, 2003
Age Range
5 - 8 years
Lambda Literary Awards
Nominee 2002
Multicultural Review
None None

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