The Queen's Feet

by Sarah Ellis (Author) Dusan Petricic (Illustrator)

The Queen's Feet
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade

Queen Daisy can't help it - It's her feet that are misbehaving!

Queen Daisy had a great deal of trouble with her feet. They had a mind of their own and did not like behaving in a royal way. Proper shoes were out of the question, and sometimes her feet did not wear shoes at all! Her feet were especially naughty when Queen Daisy forced them to dress properly. At balls her feet would kick high in the air or tap-dance on the marble palace floors.

Once, when a king from a neighboring kingdom brought his mean, bullying ways to Queen Daisy's court, her feet hauled off and kicked the king in the ankle.

That's when a meeting had to be called of all the wise women and wizards and footmen in the kingdom to find a solution to Queen Daisy's terrible problem. And what a solution it turns out to be. Queen Daisy's feet will dance into the hearts of restless feet everywhere.

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Publisher's Weekly

Queen Daisy's feet just get itchy for fun. Ellis's (The Several Lives of Orphan Jack) clever text and Petricic's (On Tumbledown Hill) amusing ink-and-watercolor illustrations juxtapose playfulness and propriety with uproarious results, and children will be delighted with the queen's propensity to get herself unintentionally into royal trouble. Petricic appropriately focuses most of the illustrations literally on feet alone, as the courtiers line up to dance or as Queen Daisy's feet kick off proper monarch shoes in favor of fuzzy dog slippers or sandals to show off her purple painted toenails. But when the monarch's feet haul off and kick a visiting bullying king in the shins, she (and her subjects) feels she must address her problem. "The queen and the queen's feet invited all the sages, wise women, wizards, fairy godmothers, and, of course, footmen, in the land to a meeting." Ellis's text brims with puns and eccentric details, and readers will revel in the wise advice of the Queen's counselors: "For one hour each day the queen's feet ruled." With its whimsical humor and its support for the importance of rebellion (in small doses), this foot-stomping read-aloud will please plenty of fidgety youngsters.

Copyright 2006 Publisher’s Weekly, LLC Used with permission.

School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 1-Once upon a time there lived a queen with unruly feet. Instead of wearing royal shoes, they insist on sandals, fuzzy slippers, and heavy boots. They kickbox, tap dance, and do splits. Sometimes they walk off with the queen, interrupting her royal duties. While christening a ship, she finds herself climbing the rigging and landing head first in the crow's nest. Then one day her feet go too far and kick a visiting king in the ankle (in the feet's defense, he was a mean bully). Finally, her advisers find a solution: for one hour a day, the queen's feet can cut loose and run wild, provided they agree to wear proper shoes, walk quietly, and avoid puddles the rest of the time. Ellis's fun, spirited story matches well with Petricic's cartoon illustrations. The long, narrow book resembles a shoebox. Most of the spreads focus solely on the legs and feet, with muted colors for the properly behaved feet contrasting sharply with the queen's vibrant and altogether unruly ones. An energetic, fun story that will tickle the restless toes of children everywhere.

Copyright 2006 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

Sarah Ellis

Award-winning author Sarah Ellis grew up in a family that loved to share stories and read books. Passions that lead her to become a children's librarian and eventually to start writing books herself. Ellis's awards include the Governor General's Award, the Mr. Christie's Book Award and the Vicky Metcalf Award. She lives in Vancouver, B.C.

Dusan Petricic immigrated to Canada after a distinguished career as an illustrator in his native Yugoslavia. He started drawing at age four and has received the IBBY Certificate of Honor and an Alberta Book Award for On Tumbledown Hill. Dusan is a cartoonist for The Toronto Star and the New York Review of Books, a father and grandfather, and lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and daughter.

Lexile Measure
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Publication date
May 20, 2008
Age Range
4 - 6 years
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