Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy

by Gareth Wronski (Author)

Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade

Guardians of the Galaxy meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in this laugh-out-loud funny debut novel about a girl's journey into space and beyond to find her place in the universe.

Holly Farb is not the Princess of the Galaxy. She may be top of the class in every subject, but she can't even win a school election, never mind rule the Milky Way. The aliens who kidnapped her have gotten it all wrong.

Unfortunately Holly's alien pirate kidnappers believe that she's the princess they've been looking for, and so she finds herself hurtling through space on an alien pirate ship together with her teacher, Mr. Mendez, and Chester, the most annoying boy in her class. Now all she has to do is escape the pirates, find the missing princess, and get back to Earth in time for her big test on Friday.

But it turns out that space is a pretty big place, and before they can go home, Holly, Chester, and Mr. Mendez must face down space cruise liners, bounty hunters, giant worms, perky holograms, cosmic board games, sinister insectoid librarians, and a robot who is learning how to lie.

Between running from space pirates, defying the President of the Universe, and meeting a host of rather unusual new friends, Holly starts to wonder if there might be more to life than being top of the class after all.

School Library Journal

Gr 4-6--Holly Farb has been kidnapped by alien space pirates who believe her to be the princess of the galaxy. They also abducted her science teacher Mr. Mendez and Chester, the boy Holly feels is the single most annoying human being in her class. Holly is now on a mission to find the missing princess of the galaxy, escape the alien space pirates, and return to Earth in time to take her test on Friday. Along the way, however, she learns that there is more to Chester than she thought and that Mr. Mendez has been teaching at the Star Academy on a distant planet. The story is told by the snarky Automatic Silicone Transistor Robot OS-78, who sees himself as the greatest robotic storyteller since the untimely and regrettable implosion of Storybot 7000. In this absorbing sci-fi debut, Wronski takes readers on an intergalactic romp filled with humor and adventure. VERDICT A highly entertaining novel that will appeal to a wide range of readers.--Wayne R. Cherry Jr., St. Pius X High School, HoustonMiddle GradeGraphic Novels

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Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Publication date
June 20, 2017
Age Range
8 - 12 years
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